Monday, May 12, 2008

Wildlife Corridors

Wildlife corridors are a crucial way in which we can protect species from changes in habitat associated with climate change. It is important to have preserves connected across geographically vast distances so that animals can migrate north-south as weather patterns and temperatures change. One example of such a project is the "Spine of the Continent" which would connect land from Alaska to northern Mexico. For more information click here. One major threat to the success of this project is, believe it or not, border patrol. Connecting crucial jaguar habitat between Sonora, Mexico and the United States would be made nearly impossible by the construction of walls or fences on our borders. One way to help is to call your congressional representative and ask that they:

Support HR 2593, "the Borderlands Conservation and Security Act," which will, if passed, require full environmental assessment of all border security activities and protect critical international wildlife corridors.

Oppose HR 4987, the "Fence By Date Certain Act," which would, if passed, require the full, double-layered fencing of 700 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border no later than June, 2009.

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